Employee Assistance Program

Crisis Response

MYgroup is trained in critical incident response should your organization experience a traumatic event.

We practice the resiliency model, which has gained popularity since 9/11. Resiliency by definition is the power to cope with adversity and adapt to challenges or change. Our role is to help your employees determine what makes them resilient and support these strengths as they move forward.

Our industry has learned that the brain goes into “fight or flight” mode, and survival and safety become the primary, automatic responses to trauma. When a traumatic event occurs in the workplace, employees need to first feel safe and be well-informed. The role management plays at this time is critical to your company’s ability to “bounce back” from a traumatic incident. Once traumatized employees are able to process events surrounding the trauma, their natural ability to be resilient and draw from their own strengths can be supported.

Critical Incident Quick Guide for Managers