Employee Assistance Program

Formal Referrals

When HR professionals and managers make formal management referrals, they are assuring that professional resources are utilized for quick resolution of problems.

While being respectful of the client’s confidentiality, the EAP will provide consistent feedback informing management of the client’s continued participation and compliance.

Guidelines for Making a Formal Management Referral

Observation: You may notice that your employee is showing poor performance in completing tasks, in the quality of work produced or in the relationships he/she has in the workplace.

1. Documentation: You need to be objective, specific, thorough and concise in documenting the observations you have made in step one.

2. Consultation and decision: Call the EAP to discuss the severity of the performance problems, the length of time performance problems have been observed and documented, and job safety sensitivity.

3. Corrective interview: When you confront the employee, you will need to state the problem and expectations, listen with concern, concentrate on job performance, and set a deadline to seek help through the EAP. You must document the interview and inform the EAP of the deadline to enter services.

4. Making the referral: Call the EAP with the employee’s name, description, and history and performance concerns, performance expectations, and time and date by which the employee must call. Or, you may fax the referral form.

5. Follow-up: The EAP counselor will regularly update you regarding the employee’s on-going participation and compliance.

After the Referral:
– Follow up with the employee regarding his/her performance.
– Support the employee’s progress while clarifying expectations.
– Do not stop using your company’s policies and procedures regarding any continued performance problems. EAP is a resource, not an excuse.

Forms for Formal Management Referrals:
Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Checklist
MYgroup Employee Formal Referral Bundle
MYgroup Student Formal Referral Bundle

Survey: Referral Follow-up