Employee Assistance Program

Observing Performance

Observing Performance Prior to Documentation

Observing performance is important prior to constructing documentation. Observing performance means being alert to declining or undesirable changes in your employee’s performance.

  • The essential duties, functions, and behavioral expectations of one’s position are the legitimate concern of the employer, and are typically evaluated. These include: quality of work, attendance and tardiness, conduct and appearance, attitude and demeanor, and availability to perform one’s duties.
  • It is okay to ask an employee what is causing a performance problem. This is not acting like an armchair diagnostician. However, it is important to not to discuss the personal problem if one is disclosed.
  • If you know your employee well, it is tempting to analyze behavior and involve yourself in his or her personal problems. This is a form of enabling, and it reduces the likelihood that your employee will use the EAP.

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