Employee Assistance Program

Critical Incident Response

Upon signing the Business Associate Agreement, providers agree to be contacted by MYgroup about potential Critical Incident Response for client organizations. If you are interested in offering services, please include this in an updated provider application.

Our Goal for Critical Incident Response (or Critical Incident Stress Debriefing):

We understand that it can be very challenging to remain calm and focused during a time of difficulty or crisis. As an EAP provider, we provide consultation and guidance through on-site support. We strive to provide an immediate supportive response, thorough assessment, and effective intervention that addresses the long-term needs of the organization.

The Four Phases of Response:

1. Intake
2. Assessment
3. Intervention
4. Evaluation


The Critical Care Coordinator (CCC) will walk through the CISD process with you and will ensure that your needs are met as well. Reimbursement will be timely and based on the rate agreed upon with the CCC.

Upon receipt of the Provider Statement of Work and Billing Form, please sign & return via fax, mail, or email within 72 hours.

For any questions regarding a specific CISD response, please call 866-850-2175.

Fax: 704-529-5917, Attn: CISD