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EAP Design

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to assist in the identification and resolution of productivity problems associated with employees impaired by personal concerns. Alcohol, drug abuse, emotional, marital and family issues, work related issues and many other concerns affect job performance, employee health and quality of life. The EAP provides crisis intervention, assessment and referral, short-term problem resolution, monitoring and follow up, and access to resources.


As a provider for MYgroup, it is important to know the process of EAP and have an understanding of how to deliver service within the EAP parameters. It is vital that the provider as well as the employee understand the process. Part of the assessment must include an explanation of the parameters of EAP. This is also covered in the Explanation of EAP Services, which should be signed by the client.

The short-term model is meant to offer an employee a brief intervention followed by referrals if necessary. EAP is not a therapy model per se. The focus is on problem resolution with linkage into therapy as an option. An EAP provider can complete an assessment within one to two sessions. The provider determines if short-term therapy is appropriate. It if is deemed suitable, further release of sessions is required by the MYG case manager. If referrals are indeed required, the EAP provider makes the referral at the completion of the assessment, not at the end of brief therapy.

To ensure our clients receive the services agreed upon, MYgroup requires providers to adhere to the following:
EAP services

– Assessment and referral
– Brief/solution-focused therapy
– Crisis stabilization
– Problem solving and personal development for workplace issues


– Sessions are released for assessment & brief treatment based on client session model.

Short-term counseling

– Additional sessions for brief/solution-focused therapy must be authorized by MYgroup case manager.
– Service models vary and must be discussed with MYgroup case manager.


– MYgroup providers can self-refer if the client needs longer term counseling. Clients should be offered at least two additional clinically-appropriate options in the same price range to give the client alternative options for treatment.
– MYgroup providers should assist the client in connecting to another provider/resource if needed (e.g., the presenting issues are outside of the provider’s scope of practice). Clients should be offered at least 3 appropriate referrals, preferably to providers who accept the client’s health insurance.
– MYgroup providers must have an explicit conversation (including documentation) about moving out of EAP services (i.e., referral to self or other, sessions will not be reimbursed by MYgroup).


– Provides a self-help resource
– Assures confidentiality
– Provides timely problem resolution
– Improves working relationships
– Increases productivity
– Reduces medical costs, accidents, and turnovers


– MYgroup does not reimburse for late cancellations or no-shows.
– For reimbursement services, all specified paperwork must be completed and submitted to MYgroup within 90 days of the last session date.

Quality assurance

To ensure that clients are receiving the quality of service indicative of MYgroup, providers may be asked to complete quality assurance measures.

Potential Provider Inquiry

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