Employee Assistance Program

Carolina Digestive Health Associates

John Onson - HR Director


With over 150 employees working in eight geographically dispersed clinics, we needed a way to build a healthier, happier, more cohesive workforce. Our employees run the gamut from senior physicians to younger support staff, with the latter having a different work ethic and a more transient approach to work. In healthcare, we have a strong customer service focus, and if our people are distracted by personal issues, then they can’t give our patients the highest level of service.


MYgroup provides several valuable services to our practice. The first is an EAP that provides free professional counseling services to our employees. This service helps demonstrate our commitment to the emotional well-being of the people that work at Carolina Digestive Health Associates. MYgroup also conducts onsite management training to help our staff become more effective managers. We’ve also recently started an annual employee survey to measure key performance metrics, establish a baseline, and set goals to work against until next year’s survey.


A lot of people don’t think about the EAP until they need help, but once they do, MYgroup’s extensive provider network makes it easy to meet with a counselor in a convenient location. The confidential outlet of an EAP sends a great message to our employees that we care about them, and this has resulted in higher morale and better retention. At the same time, our managers are getting the external support and training they need to help Carolina Digestive Health Associates continue to grow and thrive.