Employee Assistance Program

City of Shelby, NC

Deborah Jolly - Director of HR


With a population of 21,000, Shelby is a small community in the foothills of western North Carolina. People like working for the city of Shelby, and we have a great reputation as an employer. One of our biggest challenges, from an HR perspective, is how wide a range of work our employees do. From maintaining the grounds of a park to putting out a house fire, our 325 full-time and 70 part-time employees take on a lot of different tasks in order to take care of citizens.


Whether coordinating fitness for duty evaluations or providing drug and alcohol counseling, MYgroup’s EAP provides the constant level of support our employees deserve. In addition, they supply us with a comprehensive set of informational material we need to educate our workers about the program, so we can put flyers up in every worksite and distribute brochures and wallet cards throughout the year. This helps us keep MYgroup’s counseling and work-life resources in front of our people at all times, and, as a result, it becomes ingrained.


City of Shelby employees are always out there giving a lot of themselves to the community, sometimes in very traumatic situations. At the same time, these employees need support and help themselves. MYgroup has helped us take care of the employee and their family, and, as a result, we can all help each other, across department lines, like one big family. Our pay is lower than the private sector, but the people who go to work for the government don’t do it for the pay. We work hard to make a difference in our city, and that’s why we need a responsive, capable 24/7/365 EAP.