Employee Assistance Program

Glen Raven, Inc.

Sue H. Rich - Vice President, HR


As one of the most innovative fabric companies in the world, Glen Raven has a unique culture of creativity and passion. Given our local Carolina roots, there is a lot of longevity among our employees, which has been a hallmark of our company. However, over time, retention can lead to a solid base of senior people who are approaching retirement age. To develop the next generation of leaders for Glen Raven, we needed a roadmap for finding future leaders and making good hiring decisions.


We used MYgroup’s leadership assessment and development process to help us identify high-potential employees at the manager level who exhibit the kind of strong leadership abilities critical to the continued success of Glen Raven. During the assessment phase, MYgroup used a variety of psychometric tools to establish a baseline for the participants. Then, building on those results, Dr. Young and his team created a customized leadership development approach for each candidate based on their needs, talents, and potential.


Thanks to the 1:1 coaching and on-site classes, we have had a very positive response to the ongoing leadership assessment and development process. Our people see their company investing in them, and they respond with enthusiasm and loyalty. MYgroup’s full continuum of leadership development solutions has helped us identify and cultivate the future leaders of Glen Raven, which bodes well for the continued success of our 136 year old company.