Employee Assistance Program

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

Mia Hines - Vice President, HR


At Goodwill, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live independently, earn wages, and achieve their dreams. Our mission is to provide employment and training for individuals with barriers to work. Typically, the jobs we fill are related to our retail business – either behind the scenes in the warehouse or in a customer-facing retail environment. Given the nature of our mission, many of our employees come to us with significant personal issues that can impact their ability to hold a job.


I’ve been with Goodwill for 26 years, and we’ve worked with MYgroup for at least that long. In that time, their network of professional counselors have provided critical support for our staff and employees in times of crisis as well as in everyday work and personal issues. We have approximately 765 employees, and their needs vary from person to person and the time of year. Because it is a free, confidential service, the MYgroup EAP is a very effective way to support our team members.


Because we fund our mission through the retail business, the well-being of our employees is so important to the work that we do. We strive to recruit motivated, talented people who are passionate about their work, and the support MYgroup provides has a positive impact on that mission. If our team members are happy and productive, that makes us stronger.