Employee Assistance Program

Microporous, LLC

Robbie Miller - Director of HR


After our company was acquired by a hedge fund, we had a newly formed management team that was split between our two facilities in Piney Flats, Tennessee and Feistritz, Austria. Given the cultural issues and distinct management styles involved with a trans-Atlantic corporate structure, Microporous needed a way to better align its leadership in ways that supported our commitment to manufacturing excellence.


MYgroup offered us an outsider’s perspective and a wealth of knowledge around management dynamics and global work cultures. Dr. Young came to Tennessee and attended our annual management meeting to listen and observe. Subsequently, he and his team conducted a range of psychometric assessments and 1:1 interviews across the entire company leadership. The insights gathered and Dr. Young’s paradigms have become the basis for an ongoing series of management strategy sessions.


We are now able to take what we’ve learned about ourselves, each other, and our company and apply that knowledge to achieving greater operational performance. MYgroup’s proprietary processes serve as very effective decision filters in everything from negotiating new contracts to filling key positions. Thanks to the roadmap to leadership success we now have, we are no longer satisfied with the status quo.