Employee Assistance Program

After Referral

Monitoring Your Employee's Performance

Monitoring your employee after making a referral to the EAP reinforces progress in improving performance. It also helps your employee remain motivated and participate in treatment or counseling recommended by the EAP.

Consider the following steps in monitoring your employee’s progress after making a referral to the EAP:

  • Decide upon a date and time to meet and discuss progress in improving performance. Deciding upon several dates and times in the future will provide a constructive sense of urgency for your employee to follow through with a treatment plan, the EAP’s recommendations, or other actions recommended to resolve or manage a personal problem.
  • Expect the EAP to call you if your employee misses follow-up appointments or stops following through with its recommendations. Missing appointments and failing to follow treatment recommendations usually precedes a return to job performance problems.
  • If performance problems return, notify the EAP.
  • Praise your employee for improving performance, but be mindful of any return of performance problems.

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