Employee Assistance Program

Since 1987, MYgroup has partnered with organizations to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their workforces.


Case Studies


The Five Essential Leadership Questions:
Living with Passion, Leading through Trust
essential leadership
As a leader, you must understand the soul of your business, have a clear vision for the future of the enterprise, and be able to passionately describe how you plan to take the organization to that ideal place.

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Being Intentional:
Making Work and Play One and the Same
being intentional
If you hope to make work and play one and the same, you will be wise to pursue a deeper understanding of the most important relationships that determine success and happiness – in business and life.

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Return on Investment

Do you know the ROI for your EAP? MYgroup has demonstrated its effectiveness in quantifiable business terms. We utilize the Workplace Outcomes Suite, an evidence-based tool endorsed by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, to measure the effectiveness of our EAP.

Through pre- and post-surveys, we can determine the effects of our EAP on changing employee’s behavior related to absenteeism, presenteeism, work engagement, life satisfaction,
and workplace distress.


Survey Question: Please total the number of hours your personal concern caused you to miss work.


Survey Question:
I dread going to work.


Survey Question: My personal problems kept me from concentrating on my work.

We also use proprietary tools to measure
satisfaction with the EAP and the effectiveness
of our formal management referral process.


Survey Question: I am very satisfied with the EAP.


Survey Question: I am often eager to get to the work site to start my day.


Survey Question: Is the person still employed by your organization?


Survey Question: So far, my life seems to be going very well.