Employee Assistance Program


Upon signing the Business Associate Agreement, providers agree to be contacted by MYgroup about potential facilitation of workshops for client organizations. If you are interested in offering services, please include this in an updated provider application (located here).

Examples include:

– Effective Communication
– Care for the Caregiver
– Holiday Stress
– And more…

Training Process

The following guidelines apply to all presentations & workshops conducted through MYgroup:

1. The Trainer will be provided: an Event Planning form, a standardized PPT presentation, & a leaders guide (if available)

2. It is strongly advised that all trainers arrive at the training site 30 minutes prior to the scheduled training time

3. Organizational expectations of presentation goals, objectives, and dynamics will be relayed to you prior to the event

4. The Trainings Coordinator will provide a summary of feedback within a week of the event

Upon receipt of the Event Planning form, please sign & return via fax, mail, or email within 72 hours.

Upon completion of the event, relay total mileage to and from event site for reimbursement to the MYG Trainings Coordinator.

Payment Process

Reimbursement will be based on the agreed upon rate on the Event Planning form, which will be provided prior to the event.