Employee Assistance Program

Charlotte Country Day School

Amy Madsen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP - HR Manager


As an elite private school, we expect the best from our students, our staff, and our outside partners. Unfortunately, the EAP provider we had worked with for several years lacked professionalism and didn’t offer a full complement of human capital related services. In 2013, we realized we needed an external partner who could help us make smarter hiring decisions and offered a higher caliber professional counseling services.


We looked at several EAP providers and chose to work with MYgroup. Our employees use their counseling services as part of our school’s EAP, either for personal reasons or as part of a formal management referral. Our campus is close to MYgroup’s headquarters, so it’s easy for staff to go in person. Their offices are very comfortable, and the quality of their counselors is excellent. I actually went to see them myself to get guidance, and found the entire process to be very effective and reassuring.

Beyond their EAP services, we recently started using MYgroup to help us make critical managerial hiring decisions. When we have a key position to fill, Dr. Young and his team administer a variety of personality and intelligence assessments to the top applicants. They also do additional interviews, and then Dr. Young comes to the school to review the findings and make a recommendation.


In terms of hiring, MYgroup has been instrumental in helping us make the right decision. The insights they bring to the process remove some of the unknowns associated with filling a position, and as a result, our management team is the strongest it’s ever been. On the EAP side, everyone from our groundskeepers to our senior staff use MYgroup to address and resolve a variety of personal and work-related issues.